Saturday, 15 March 2014

Configure Content deployment in sharepoint 2013

Configuration the following content deployment steps:
  1. Create a source site.
  2. Create a destination site collection.
  3. Enable incoming content deployment jobs.
  4. Create a content deployment path.
  5. Create a content deployment job.
  6. Deploy the source site.
  7. Update the source site.
  8. Deploy changes.
  9. Check the destination site for changes.

Step 1: Central administration- General application setting Click Content Deployment Settings select Accept incoming content deployment jobs and do not require encryption click ok

Step 2 : Specify the web application and site collection on the source server. The specified site collection must have the “Content Deployment Source” feature activated.

Step 3: Central administration- General application setting Click Manage Content Deployment Paths and Jobs Click New Path.
         Name and Description - Content Deployment Path.
         Destination Central Administration Web Application - http://ServerName:7777

Step 4: Central administration- General application setting Click Manage Content Deployment Paths and Jobs Click New Job

Sometime following error occurred in the  Content deployment Configuration:
Error Message:
Either the URL for the destination Web application is not valid, or you do not have permissions to the Central Administration site on the destination server farm.
Error details: The remote Web service request failed with this message: 'the request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.'. 
You have specified a URL that begins with http://. Communication to this URL will not be secure and can be intercepted by malicious users.
Select Use Integrated Windows authentication Reenter Username and password 

Error Message:
One or more issues preventing successful Content Deployment export were detected on this site collection http://ServerName:26108/sites/sourcesite. For more information, go to Content Deployment Source Status page
 Log in into your source site collection.

2. Go to Site Settings--> Content Deployment Source Status.

3. Here you will find the list of feature to be deactivated.

4. Deactivate these features and then that’s it you are now ready to proceed further.
Following the Deactivate Power Shell Command:
Disable-SPFeature –Identity "Metadata Navigation" –URL http://ServerName/sites/sourcesite

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